Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sosyal si Inday

Dahil sa tindi ng kahirapan sa probinsya, namasukan si Inday bilang
katulong sa Maynila. Habang ini-interview ng amo...

Amo: Kelangan namin ng katulong para mag ayos ng bahay, magluto,
maglaba, magplantsa, mamalengke, at magbantay ng mga bata. Kaya mo ba
ang lahat ng ito?

Inday: I believe that my trained skills and expertise in management with
the use of standard tools, and my discipline and experience will
contribute significantly to the value of the work that you want, my
creativity, productivity and work-efficiency and the high quality of
outcomes I can offer will boost the work progress.

Amo: [nosebleed]

Nakaraan ang dalawang araw, umuwi ang amo, nakitang me bukol si junior.

Amo: Bakit me bukol si junior?

Inday: Compromising safety with useless aesthetics, the not-so-well
engineered architectural design of our kitchen lavatory affected the
boy's cranium with a slight boil at the left temple near the auditory

Amo: [nosebleed ulit]

Kinagabihan, habang naghahapunan.

Amo: Bakit maalat ang ulam?

Inday: The consistency was fine. But you see, it seems that the
increased amount of sodium chloride (NaCl) affected the taste
drastically and those actions are irreversible. I do apologize.

Amo: [nosebleed na naman]

Kinabukasan, sinamahan ni Inday si junior sa principal's office dahil di
makapunta ang amo at donya.

Principal: Sinuntok ni junior ang kanyang kaklase.

Inday: It's absurd! It was never a fact that he will inflict a fight. I
can only imagine how you handle schizophrenic kids on this educational
institution. Revise your policies because they suck!

Principal: [nag resign]

Habang nagluluto si Inday ng hapunan, malikot si junior.

Inday: Stop your raucous behavior. It is bound to result in property
damages and if that happens there will be corresponding punishment to be
inflicted upon you!

Junior: [takbo sa CR, punasan ang nagdudugong ilong]

Pagkatapos magluto, nanood na ng TV si Inday. Nabalitaan nya umalis si
Angel Locsin sa GMA 7.

Junior: Bakit kaya sya umalis?

Inday: Sometimes, people choose to leave not because of selfish reasons
but because they just know that things will get worse if they'll stay.
Leaving can be a tough act, and it's harder when people can't understand
you for doing so.

Junior: [tuloy ang pagdugo ng ilong]

Nung gabing yon, me nag text ke Inday. Si Dodong, ang driver
ng kapitbahay, gusto maki pag text-mate.

Inday: ( text kay dodong )To forestall further hopes of acquaintance, my unfathomable
statement to the denial of your request - Petition denied.


Di nagla-on, dahil sa tyaga ni Dodong, nagging syota nya rin si
Inday. Pero di tumagal ang kanilang relasyon, at nakipag-break
si Inday ke Dodong.

Inday: The statute restricts me to love you but you have the
provocations. The way you smile is the proximate cause why I
love you. We have some rules to think of. We have no vested rights to
love each other because the upper household dismissed my petition!"

Dodong: Perhaps you are mistaken, what you seem to contrive as
any affections for you are somewhat half-hearted. I was merely
attempting to expand my network of interests by involving you in my daily
recreation. Heretofore, you can expect an end to any verbal articulation from myself"

Me dumaan na mamang basurero, at narinig ang usapan ni Inday at Dodong.

Basurero (sabi ke Inday): Be careful in letting go of the things
you thought are just nothing because maybe someday you'll realize
that the one you gave away is the very thing you've been wishing
for to stay.

Narinig ang lahat ng eto ng amo ni inday.
Amo: ( hinimatay )

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

-heavy heart-

Is there such a thing as a sad smiley?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

delete message?-- yes

text messages
from the past.

Emails from a love
of two years
with promises
gone stale.

Memories of posts
that brought
yesterday's fights.

I deleted and
a heavy load

I deleted and
my heart feels
it's easier to believe.

I deleted and
my mind said
what a fool i have been.

Let's catch up

This blog has been dormat for so many months now. Quit a bit happened since February.. i changed job three times, been on the emo-coaster along the way.. fustrated tears have been cried, exhausted/exasperated sigh exhaled, prayers to all angels and saints whispered (well, not quite), and finally i think i might have found already what i have been looking for. To say that the past few months have been busy would be an understatement. I now welcome the balance of doing what i love most in a relatively stress-free environment. Such a relief. I wasn't sure before if it was foolishness on my part that i kept on jumping from one job to another the past few months. I resigned from one job because i didn't get the raise that i was aiming for, and was having difficulties with a female boss who probably didn't have a life and takes it out on her female co-workers. (to you: get a man, get a life. hehe) I was having fun though. I liked what i was doing, and it was comfortable there despite all that "drama". But the fun has to stop there. I need directions. I need to prioritize. Especially when i have the future to think about. Then another job with a better pay came at the right time. Admittedly i accepted the job just for the bucks, not really liking what i was doing and working ungodly hours like call-center people do. After 4 months, i quit. Somehow i couldn't settle. But in my heart i knew i still needed to be able to find something that i love. I read somewhere that in order to be satisfied, you have to be able to do what you think is great work, and great work could be accomplished by doing something you love. It rings so true for me. I have a tendency to get extremely frustrated when i'm not happy with my work. I don't know, may be it's combination of that artist's temperament and PMS. Dang. I had a couple of other job offers, and made my choice after weighing the pros and cons. Now every nerve in my body tells me that i could finally settle where i am right now, but still fully aware that nothing is perfect and fully appreciative of what i have.
So this is it, pansit..

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

watch out martha stewart!

Sorry been out of reach for some time. I'm still on earth and life has been sweet.. just as sweet as the chocolates that i made last valentine's day.. hehe. My first time to make those sweet goodies, and i really enjoyed making them just as much as i had fun giving it out to friends and loved ones. =)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Inday is back!

I've wanted to write sooner, but you know. life. i've been working like a fiend, wrapping up deadlines. i felt it in my hands, my neck, and most of all at my back. good thing i have my "dudung" who rubs my back every now and then. aww.. hehe. plus this blog has been having some sort of a writer's block. it sometimes frustrates me that i can't write about even the most mudane things that's happening to me. my narrative has somehow lost its momentum. all i can think about and concentrate on is work. this is very bad.. but just last christmas break i took the time to shut down (at least for a few days), like an electrical appliance that has been working so long that it overheated and shut itself off. and i was able to spend time at home, get enough sleep, spend sometime with family, with my boyfriend, and do just about the littlest things that i couldn't get my hands on before. but then i had to "restart" again, since i had to go back to work on the 28th and the 29th, then shut down again 'til januray 2. hay.. at least its better than nothing, right? Right. and things are back to normal again so to speak, meaning back to work, back to reality, back to the grind stone, back to the deadlines that has to be met. but it's ok, that's just how life is. i just can't believe it's 2007 already, can you? how time flies. Almost three weeks into the year, and i'm feeling pretty good, optimistic. Anyways, i hope to be able to write as often as i can here. or at least i'll TRY. hehe.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

the darndest thing

Sometimes i want hours to pass like weeks and weeks to pass like years. I want more time to do the things that i want to do without feeling that i'm letting anything else suffer. Or maybe, i just need to learn the difference between confidence and delusion.
confidence: yes, i can do it.
delusion: yes, i can do it all.
You meet people who somehow rubs you the wrong way the first time you meet them. But still you give the benefit of the doubt. But then they do something, and all of a sudden you prove to yourself that you weren't wrong in the first place. And you feel like kicking your own butt for ignoring that gut feeling inside you.
And sometimes you wonder why some rises to certain positions especially if they lack something as basic as common sense. Duh. And how they have the gall to have that fragile ego soothed. And there are those who seem so nice, but stabs you at back? Believe me, i know what you're up to. I'm just taking my sweet time. And i know what your game is. So you wanna to play pretend? Guess what, i can play that game too.

What a life.
Suddenly this is such a lonely place to be in. I like making no sense at all. I think i'm gonna go digress for a while.